This is an unsupported variant, as x86 is the only CPU architecture being targeted for R1. It is provided for development and testing purposes only. Releasing software that requires these unsupported builds is discouraged.

The ARM port is in an extremely early state. The kernel may load but a lot of work still needs done before you can get a desktop.
These images target the Raspberry Pi 2. Haiku can be built for multiple ARM targets, however Raspberry Pi 2 is the only one that has been automated.

For more information on missing packages, image and archive formats, etc., please refer to this site's main page.


Unsupported ARM Builds

Revision SD Card Image
hrev52401 europe [checksum]
hrev52400 europe [checksum]
hrev52398 europe [checksum]
hrev52396 europe [checksum]
hrev52395 europe [checksum]
hrev52394 europe [checksum]
hrev52393 europe [checksum]
hrev52392 europe [checksum]
hrev52388 europe [checksum]
hrev52383 europe [checksum]
hrev52379 europe [checksum]
hrev52378 europe [checksum]
hrev52371 europe [checksum]
hrev52370 europe [checksum]
hrev52367 europe [checksum]
hrev52365 europe [checksum]
hrev52361 europe [checksum]
hrev52359 europe [checksum]
hrev52357 europe [checksum]
hrev52356 europe [checksum]
hrev52351 europe [checksum]
hrev52350 europe [checksum]
hrev52347 europe [checksum]
hrev52346 europe [checksum]
hrev52342 europe [checksum]
hrev52338 europe [checksum]
hrev52336 europe [checksum]
hrev52328 europe [checksum]
hrev52325 europe [checksum]
hrev52323 europe [checksum]
hrev52316 europe [checksum]
hrev52312 europe [checksum]
hrev52309 europe [checksum]
hrev52302 europe [checksum]
hrev52271 europe [checksum]
hrev52265 europe [checksum]
hrev52263 europe [checksum]
hrev52249 europe [checksum]
hrev52246 europe [checksum]
hrev52242 europe [checksum]
hrev52237 europe [checksum]
hrev52230 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52219 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52212 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52211 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52205 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52203 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52197 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52187 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52184 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52174 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev52162 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev51961 europe [checksum] us [checksum]
hrev51950 europe [checksum] us [checksum]