This is an unsupported variant, as x86 is the only CPU architecture being targeted for R1. It is provided for development and testing purposes only. Releasing software that requires these unsupported builds is discouraged.

The ARM port is in an extremely early state. The kernel may load but a lot of work still needs done before you can get a desktop.
These are "generic" ARM images. They will need written to an SD card media with a tool like Rune.

For more information on missing packages, image and archive formats, etc., please refer to this site's main page.


Unsupported ARM Builds

Revision SD Card Image
URLs to current images europe [checksum]
hrev51971 europe [checksum]
hrev51967 europe [checksum]
hrev51961 europe [checksum]
hrev51952 europe [checksum]
hrev51950 europe [checksum]
hrev51947 europe [checksum]
hrev51944 europe [checksum]
hrev51942 europe [checksum]
hrev51939 europe [checksum]
hrev51936 europe [checksum]
hrev51934 europe [checksum]
hrev51924 europe [checksum]
hrev51921 europe [checksum]
hrev51914 europe [checksum]
hrev51912 europe [checksum]
hrev51911 europe [checksum]
hrev51909 europe [checksum]
hrev51908 europe [checksum]
hrev51904 europe [checksum]
hrev51900 europe [checksum]
hrev51897 europe [checksum]
hrev51895 europe [checksum]
hrev51894 europe [checksum]
hrev51890 europe [checksum]
hrev51883 europe [checksum]
hrev51882 europe [checksum]
hrev51881 europe [checksum]
hrev51880 europe [checksum]
hrev51877 europe [checksum]
hrev51875 europe [checksum]
hrev51872 europe [checksum]
hrev51869 europe [checksum]
hrev51868 europe [checksum]
hrev51866 europe [checksum]
hrev51863 europe [checksum]
hrev51862 europe [checksum]
hrev51861 europe [checksum]
hrev51860 europe [checksum]
hrev51859 europe [checksum]
hrev51858 europe [checksum]
hrev51856 europe [checksum]
hrev51854 europe [checksum]
hrev51853 europe [checksum]
hrev51852 europe [checksum]
hrev51849 europe [checksum]
hrev51843 europe [checksum]
hrev51842 europe [checksum]
hrev51837 europe [checksum]
hrev51832 europe [checksum]
hrev51827 europe [checksum]
hrev51826 europe [checksum]
hrev51822 europe [checksum]
hrev51818 europe [checksum]
hrev51808 europe [checksum]
hrev51799 europe [checksum]
hrev51798 europe [checksum]
hrev51797 europe [checksum]
hrev51795 europe [checksum]
hrev51794 europe [checksum]
hrev51792 europe [checksum]
hrev51791 europe [checksum]
hrev51788 europe [checksum]
hrev51780 europe [checksum]
hrev51777 europe [checksum]
hrev51775 europe [checksum]
hrev51774 europe [checksum]
hrev51772 europe [checksum]
hrev51771 europe [checksum]
hrev51770 europe [checksum]
hrev51769 europe [checksum]
hrev51768 europe [checksum]
hrev51766 europe [checksum]
hrev51764 europe [checksum]
hrev51762 europe [checksum]
hrev51751 europe [checksum]
hrev51731 europe [checksum]
hrev51720 europe [checksum]
hrev51718 europe [checksum]
hrev51716 europe [checksum]
hrev51714 europe [checksum]
hrev51712 europe [checksum]
hrev51709 europe [checksum]
hrev51702 europe [checksum]
hrev51698 europe [checksum]
hrev51689 europe [checksum]
hrev51683 europe [checksum]
hrev51678 europe [checksum]
hrev51675 europe [checksum]
hrev51670 europe [checksum]
hrev51668 europe [checksum]
hrev51663 europe [checksum]
hrev51643 europe [checksum]
hrev51615 europe [checksum]
hrev51612 europe [checksum]
hrev51595 europe [checksum]
hrev51575 europe [checksum]
hrev51547 europe [checksum]
hrev51543 europe [checksum]
hrev51541 europe [checksum]
hrev51538 europe [checksum]
hrev51537 europe [checksum]
hrev51536 europe [checksum]
hrev51532 europe [checksum]
hrev51528 europe [checksum]
hrev51522 europe [checksum]
hrev51519 europe [checksum]
hrev51516 europe [checksum]
hrev51512 europe [checksum]
hrev51507 europe [checksum]
hrev51500 europe [checksum]
hrev51498 europe [checksum]
hrev51497 europe [checksum]
hrev51493 europe [checksum]
hrev51484 europe [checksum]
hrev51481 europe [checksum]
hrev51479 europe [checksum]
hrev51477 europe [checksum]
hrev51474 europe [checksum]
hrev51473 europe [checksum]
hrev51472 europe [checksum]
hrev51471 europe [checksum]
hrev51469 europe [checksum]
hrev51468 europe [checksum]
hrev51465 europe [checksum]
hrev51461 europe [checksum]
hrev51460 europe [checksum]
hrev51458 europe [checksum]
hrev51457 europe [checksum]
hrev51455 europe [checksum]
hrev51451 europe [checksum]
hrev51446 europe [checksum]
hrev51444 europe [checksum]
hrev51443 europe [checksum]
hrev51441 europe [checksum]
hrev51438 europe [checksum]
hrev51436 europe [checksum]
hrev51432 europe [checksum]
hrev51430 europe [checksum]
hrev51429 europe [checksum]
hrev51428 europe [checksum]
hrev51426 europe [checksum]
hrev51425 europe [checksum]
hrev51422 europe [checksum]
hrev51420 europe [checksum]
hrev51413 europe [checksum]
hrev51410 europe [checksum]
hrev51408 europe [checksum]
hrev51403 europe [checksum]
hrev51402 europe [checksum]
hrev51401 europe [checksum]
hrev51400 europe [checksum]
hrev51399 europe [checksum]
hrev51397 europe [checksum]
hrev51394 europe [checksum]
hrev51389 europe [checksum]
hrev51386 europe [checksum]
hrev51385 europe [checksum]
hrev51382 europe [checksum]
hrev51374 europe [checksum]
hrev51373 europe [checksum]
hrev51371 europe [checksum]
hrev51369 europe [checksum]
hrev51367 europe [checksum]
hrev51366 europe [checksum]
hrev51365 europe [checksum]
hrev51362 europe [checksum]
hrev51361 europe [checksum]
hrev51358 europe [checksum]
hrev51357 europe [checksum]
hrev51354 europe [checksum]
hrev51353 europe [checksum]
hrev51349 europe [checksum]
hrev51346 europe [checksum]
hrev51340 europe [checksum]
hrev51335 europe [checksum]
hrev51330 europe [checksum]
hrev51315 europe [checksum]
hrev51314 europe [checksum]
hrev51312 europe [checksum]
hrev51308 europe [checksum]
hrev51307 europe [checksum]
hrev51304 europe [checksum]
hrev51301 europe [checksum]
hrev51296 europe [checksum]
hrev51295 europe [checksum]
hrev51291 europe [checksum]
hrev51289 europe [checksum]
hrev51288 europe [checksum]
hrev51283 europe [checksum]
hrev51282 europe [checksum]
hrev51280 europe [checksum]
hrev51279 europe [checksum]
hrev51276 europe [checksum]
hrev51272 europe [checksum]
hrev51266 europe [checksum]
hrev51259 europe [checksum]
hrev51257 europe [checksum]
hrev51250 europe [checksum]
hrev51243 europe [checksum]
hrev51238 europe [checksum]
hrev51234 europe [checksum]
hrev51231 europe [checksum]
hrev51227 europe [checksum]
hrev51223 europe [checksum]
hrev51222 europe [checksum]
hrev51215 europe [checksum]
hrev51170 europe [checksum]
hrev51168 europe [checksum]
hrev51167 europe [checksum]
hrev51166 europe [checksum]
hrev51161 europe [checksum]
hrev51159 europe [checksum]
hrev51157 europe [checksum]
hrev51155 europe [checksum]
hrev51153 europe [checksum]
hrev51152 europe [checksum]
hrev51150 europe [checksum]
hrev51148 europe [checksum]
hrev51147 europe [checksum]
hrev51146 europe [checksum]
hrev51139 europe [checksum]
hrev51134 europe [checksum]
hrev51132 europe [checksum]
hrev51127 europe [checksum]
hrev51123 europe [checksum]
hrev51119 europe [checksum]
hrev51115 europe [checksum]
hrev51112 europe [checksum]
hrev51109 europe [checksum]
hrev51108 europe [checksum]
hrev51106 europe [checksum]
hrev51104 europe [checksum]
hrev51100 europe [checksum]
hrev51092 europe [checksum]
hrev51090 europe [checksum]
hrev51089 europe [checksum]
hrev51086 europe [checksum]
hrev51082 europe [checksum]
hrev51074 europe [checksum]
hrev51072 europe [checksum]
hrev51068 europe [checksum]
hrev51065 europe [checksum]
hrev51061 europe [checksum]
hrev51059 europe [checksum]
hrev51055 europe [checksum]
hrev51053 europe [checksum]
hrev51051 europe [checksum]
hrev51050 europe [checksum]
hrev51048 europe [checksum]
hrev51043 europe [checksum]
hrev51041 europe [checksum]
hrev51035 europe [checksum]
hrev51034 europe [checksum]
hrev51018 europe [checksum]
hrev50998 europe [checksum]
hrev50956 europe [checksum]