This is an unsupported variant, as x86 is the only CPU architecture being targeted for R1. It is provided for development and testing purposes only. Releasing software that requires these unsupported builds is discouraged.

The ARM port is in an extremely early state. The kernel may load but a lot of work still needs done before you can get a desktop.
These images target the Raspberry Pi 2. Haiku can be built for multiple ARM targets, however Raspberry Pi 2 is the only one that has been automated.

For more information on missing packages, image and archive formats, etc., please refer to this site's main page.

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Unsupported ARM Builds

Revision SD Card Image
URLs to current images europe [checksum]
hrev51170 europe [checksum]
hrev51168 europe [checksum]
hrev51167 europe [checksum]
hrev51166 europe [checksum]
hrev51161 europe [checksum]
hrev51159 europe [checksum]
hrev51157 europe [checksum]
hrev51155 europe [checksum]
hrev51153 europe [checksum]
hrev51152 europe [checksum]
hrev51150 europe [checksum]
hrev51148 europe [checksum]
hrev51147 europe [checksum]
hrev51146 europe [checksum]
hrev51139 europe [checksum]
hrev51134 europe [checksum]
hrev51132 europe [checksum]
hrev51127 europe [checksum]
hrev51123 europe [checksum]
hrev51119 europe [checksum]
hrev51115 europe [checksum]
hrev51112 europe [checksum]
hrev51109 europe [checksum]
hrev51108 europe [checksum]
hrev51106 europe [checksum]
hrev51104 europe [checksum]
hrev51100 europe [checksum]
hrev51092 europe [checksum]
hrev51090 europe [checksum]
hrev51089 europe [checksum]
hrev51086 europe [checksum]
hrev51082 europe [checksum]
hrev51074 europe [checksum]
hrev51072 europe [checksum]
hrev51068 europe [checksum]
hrev51065 europe [checksum]
hrev51061 europe [checksum]
hrev51059 europe [checksum]
hrev51055 europe [checksum]
hrev51053 europe [checksum]
hrev51051 europe [checksum]
hrev51050 europe [checksum]
hrev51048 europe [checksum]
hrev51043 europe [checksum]
hrev51041 europe [checksum]
hrev51035 europe [checksum]
hrev51034 europe [checksum]
hrev51032 europe [checksum]
hrev51030 europe [checksum]
hrev51025 europe [checksum]
hrev51019 europe [checksum]
hrev51018 europe [checksum]
hrev50998 europe [checksum]
hrev50956 europe [checksum]
Older images can be found here.